How to Make $300K/Year Investing in Mobile Homes with No Money Down

Investing in mobile homes with no money down is possible if you execute the correct strategy. Jay Samera joins me on the show to discuss this strategy in detail. Investing in mobile homes can generate quick chunks of cash. Brand new investors often do their first deal and net anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $10,000 or more. Many real estate investors avoid this strategy because of they don’t know the strategy. They would rather do a wholesale deal or a flip because it’s more mainstream.




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The Mobile Home Market is Prime for Making Quick Cash

There is nearly no competition in the mobile home investing market. This is because the real estate investing community largely ignores the mobile home market. This lack of competition refers to the buy side-dealing with a motivated seller.

On the other side of the deal is the buyer who will occupy the property. Normally these buyers would be in the market to rent a home, but leap at the opportunity to buy rental property instead. This “buyer” is actually only buying the manufactured home, not the land beneath. Considering that fact, the purchase price paid for the house and the monthly rent payments still provide that buyer with a home they own. These buyers now have pride of ownership. They can maintain, paint, or change their home without asking any landlord. It feels good to own a home.

This is NOT about Buying Mobile Home Parks-You do NOT own the land here…

You don’t actually “buy the property”. Park owners actually own the lot and the mobile home owner pays rent. I normally pass on these deals myself because of this fact. It’s also a reason many gravitate toward wholesaling houses instead-as you’re doing deals on fee simple (fully owned) property which most real estate investors understand. Essentially you are buying & selling the mobile home itself. It might make more sense to think of this strategy like buying & selling cars for profit. There is a title, but no deed. The Park Owner (sometimes a real estate investment trust) holds the deed to the land. Here’s why that’s important:

5 Risks that Lead to BIG Losses & How to Avoid Them

Jay and I discuss 5 big risks which could cost you big during the show. One of the biggest risks to understand is that you’re at the mercy of the land owner. That park I mentioned above? They have the ability to write the rules for their park. Every mobile home park has it’s own set of rules. Some of these rules included approving any resident. Those approval processes could take months-while you’re responsible for paying the lot rent. Check out the episode to discover the other 4 risks.

Structure of a No Money Down Mobile Home Deal

No money down real estate investing is always accomplished through creative financing. You’re simply putting together sellers and buyers. Find a motivated seller and lock in a purchase price-often by arranging to make payments. Then find a buyer, set a purchase price, collect a down payment, and hold a note (or loan) for the balance.

Be sure to collect a larger down payment than is required to pay the seller, so there is some profit left right up front in the deal. Congrats-you’re just bought & sold real estate with no money. Well, I guess in this case, it’s actually a mobile home. Along these same lines, creative financing applies to various types of real estate-land, apartment buildings, houses, and of course, mobile homes (not actually real estate).


You also set the terms and the interest rate for the payments you’re collecting. Even though you don’t own the land, you’re still collecting cash flow just like an investment property. Many would agree this is even better since you’re not responsible for any maintenance or upkeep on the deal.

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Jay  & I Discuss Investing in Mobile Homes

  • Structure of a No Money Down Mobile Home Deal

  • 5 Risks that Lead to BIG Losses & How to Avoid Them

  • Most Valuable Asset-Even if You Have No Money

  • Best States for Mobile Home Investing


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How to Find Off Market Real Estate Deals with Zack Boothe

Zack Boothe-Salt Lake City Utah Real Estate Investor

Finding Off Market Real Estate Deals Can Lead to Untold Riches

Real Estate Investing is a transactional business. You have to have a source of deals. Better still is a source of Off Market Real Estate Deals that you can buy, renovate and make a profit. DFD Mastery founder Zack Boothe joins me on this real estate investment podcast to discuss his method of finding investment property.

Zack has a history as a long term real estate investor. His primary strategy was to buy rental property and lease to Section 8 tenants. You probably know of investors following this same strategy. He found that over time he didn’t really make much money on his portfolio. Tenants caused damage and the yearly property inspections racked up repair bills. Maybe you can relate.

Zack made the transition to becoming THE SOURCE of Real Estate Deals in his market-Salt Lake City, Utah. Since he controls the deals, he gets to set the terms and prices of his deals. Some get wholesaled to other investors and he collects a fee. Others route to fix & flip partners who step in, fund the deal, do all the work, then split the deal 50/50. Can you see how this sets you up to become rich?



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Digging through the Multiple Listing Service MLS is for Real Estate Agents, NOT Investors

The old way real estate investors found deals was to dig through the MLS. The MLS is the same system used by real estate agents to find listings for their clients. Now, there are some deals on the MLS-even in this market. However, those deals usually come with serious competition. Serious competition leads to bidding ways. Most real estate investors are averse to paying more for anything-especially real estate deals. So the key to lowering competition on your deals is developing a source of Off Market Deals.

Find Off Market Deals in YOUR Market

Finding off market deals in your market takes work. You actually have to set up a business with lead generation, marketing expenses and hiring and managing a team. To some, this is a nightmare, or even a diversion. For example, if you’re good at rehabbing and have plenty of cash lined up, your time might be better invested in finding solid sources of off market deals-like Zack-and focusing on the business of rehabbing.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in doing the work and investing the time & money to generate deals, you’ll definitely want to listen this show. Zack describes his laser focus approach to building a team and developing the HIGHEST R.O.I mailing list in his market. Imagine having a list of property owners who own the exact types of real estate you’d like to buy. You can do the same in your market using the same software that Zack uses: The REI Deal Machine. Go Here for a free download to test drive.

What Software is Used to Drive an Off Market Deal Business?

As mentioned, Zack uses the REI Deal Machine to develop his list and manage his mail. The deal machine will research addresses in public record, skip trace, and even offer push button postcard and letter campaigns. Oh, and the best part, you can actually trace your driving routes and manage your driver team using the Deal Machine.


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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Zach & I Discuss:

  • Finding Off Market Deals in Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Partnering with Flippers for a Large Piece of the Action

  • Prime U.S. Markets for Wholesaling OR Fix & Flip Deals

  • How to Get the #1 Highest R.O.I. Mailing List in YOUR Market


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Investing in Real Estate with No Money Down with Chris Prefontaine

real estate investing Chris Prefontaine

$75,000 Profit Per Deal-No Money Down RE Investing

You might have heard people say that investing in real estate with no money down is impossible. The first thing to understand is that investing with “no money down” does NOT mean “no money at all”. My guest, Chris Prefontaine, has developed an entire system to consistently buy property with no money down. We are NOT talking about house hacking or buying a primary residence. These no money down deals generate cash flow over the long term.

There are a few financing options to invest in real estate with no money down. The first way is by using seller financing. You find a seller willing to accept payments on the purchase price. In other words, the seller is the money lender in the deal, not a bank. For example, you agree to pay $400,000 for a house by making monthly installments of $2,000 per month.

The second way is to use a lease option where you pay the owner a certain monthly payment. Additionally, you lock in a purchase price for a certain period of time. Let’s continue using the $400,000 example. First, you lock in a monthly payment of $2,000 with the seller. Second, you lock in the purchase price of $4,000. Third, you agree to pay that $400,000 price within 36 months.

You make your profit by finding a buyer willing to pay $2,400 per month and $440,000 within that same 36 month period. Of course, this is an oversimplified set of examples. Every no money down real estate deal is unique. You can negotiate monthly payments, credits, the purchase price, & the term of the deal. Your options are endless!

Has Covid Improved the No Money Down Real Estate Market?

Covid has affected many real estate markets throughout the U.S. I’m a real estate investor and I personally buy rental property in Atlanta, Chicago, & Philadelphia. These markets have become superheated through 2020 which caused inventory levels to drop. The lack of houses for sale has caused purchase prices to rise. I imagine your market is similar.

This low inventory can make finding a deal more challenging. However, your opportunity to make money is better because the prices are rising. Any deal you make has a higher chance of selling at a profit since the market is moving up. In other words, deals are more valuable now than they have ever been. So how do you find no money down real estate deals?

Which Sellers Will Accept a No Money Down Offer?

The real estate investing business is based on making offers. Newbie investors often avoid making offers for a variety of made up reasons. They blame their credit score or interest rates. There are two reasons newbies don’t buy real estate. First, they don’t ever make offers to buy investment property. The second reason is usually the cause of the first reason. They don’t know how to make the offer. The price, the terms, the closing date. These are confusing.

To make things worse, newbies often make their offers to the wrong seller. Banks selling REO property will NOT accept a no money down offer. They expect cash. A seller who needs the cash to move to their next house cannot accept a no money down offer. They need cash.

On the other hand, a seller who is seeking to avoid paying taxes on the sale of a house is the perfect seller to offer a no money down deal. Those sellers are the perfect candidate for a no money down deal. The next challenge is finding those sellers. The best method for attracting deal flow is through marketing. All volume investors know this secret. Get good at advertising and you’ll never be without a deal. How much advertising budget is needed to succeed? Much less than you think. You’ll have to check out the episode for full details.


This Episode of The REI Diamonds Show is Sponsored by the Deal Machine. This Software Enables Real Estate Investors to Develop a Reliable & Low Cost Source of Off Market Deals. For a Limited Time, You Get Free Access at

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Chris & I Discuss:

  • Has Covid Improved the No Money Down Market?

  • Which Sellers Will Accept a No Money Down Offer?

  • Can this Business Run on $2,000/Month Marketing?

  • 3 Steps to Dominating Any Niche


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How to Buy Land with No Money Down with Mark Podolsky

How to Invest in Land in with No Money Down-Podcast Episode Highlights

Mark Podolsky, aka, The Land Geek, has been buying and selling land for more than 20 years. On this episode Mark & I discuss how to buy land with no money down. His specialty is buying vacant land very cheap-in the $5,000-$20,000 range, closing using quit claim deeds, and then reselling to buyers on terms at nice profit spreads and strong interest rates.

In other words, buy a parcel of land for $5,000, close, then resell immediately for $20,000. The trick is the terms-to that same buyer, Mark would collect $5,000 down and accept payments of around $200 until paid in full. Oh, he also charges interest on the $15,000 balance, so there is some additional profit in the deal long term as the payments roll in.

Mark uses direct mail & software to fire off automatic offers in bulk, allowing the seller to simply sign the agreement should they accept the offer. Using his system, which he shares with his students, he’s been able to build a substantial passive income while systematizing the business to run on near automation. Mark’s goal is to do a deal per day-or somewhere around 200-300 deals per year.

Buying Raw Land is Only a Good Real Estate Investment Strategy When

The way I see it, there are really only two ways that land investors make money. The first would be to buy land at a low price and then sell at a higher price at some point in the future. This is Mark’s strategy as we discuss in depth during the episode. The second way to profit from raw land is to buy the plot of land and then develop the land to increase value-build a house, rezone, or maybe construct a commercial property. This podcast does NOT focus on development, however we have had many commercial real estate developers on the show.

How To Profit from the Current Land Bubble

Covid has superheated the land market. People have been racing to buy land as outdoor recreation, safely away from any virus danger, has become very popular in 2020. What better place to camp, ride dirtbikes, or have an RV than on your own land. There is something seductive about owning land, it always has been.

Mark’s buying and selling of land, the strategy of leaving no money in the deal long term-is the perfect way to profit from the current land market. It’s all about velocity: buy & sell as quickly as you can. In my own experience flipping houses, the good deals are those that profit. The best deals are those that profit and close quickly! The less time you actually own the land in between the purchase and sale, the lower your risk of losing money or other liability.

You Gotta Avoid the Land Losers…

Some land is simply worthless. Areas such as Pennsylvania & New Jersey are often laden with environmental clean up sites. Old industrial properties with EPA superfund sites which could place the unsuspecting buyer into a huge financial responsibility. You can do quick due diligence on a potential land deal at

Another issue which could make land worthless is no road access. Think about it-you’ve gotta be able to get to the land you bought without encroaching on someone else’s land. I’ve personally passed on a large number of very cheap land deals because there was no access road.

If you were focused on land that you were going to build, you’d also need to be aware of flood zones, but the deals Mark and I discuss aren’t really affected by flood zones. Most of the buyers are using the land for recreation, not development.

Cash Flow from Land Deals

The big takeaway here for Real Estate Investors is that you can take a small amount of seed capital and build your cashflow up to $100,000 or more per year in a short time. Mark has students who have done this in as little as 18 months. And Mark sees no end to this trend-with 2.43 Billion acres in the U.S., there will be no shortage of land deals anytime soon.


Mark & I Discuss:

  • How to Profit from the Current Bubble in Land

  • Where the Best Land Deals are Located

  • Finding the Best Buyer for Any Land Deal

  • Knowing Which Land Deals Have Little Competition

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