Russell & I Discuss

  • Going from $35,000/Month negative to $45,000 Positive Cash Flow

  • Airbnb + Fix & Flip Deals=Way More Profit

  • Variable Pricing Resource for Airbnb like Hotel Software

  • How to Select Airbnb Properties that Work Long Term

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$45,000 Per Month Positive Cash flow in Less than 12 Months

Russell Walker has been in the real estate business since 2008 and has built a high-volume wholesaling, fix & flip, and rental operation.  Then he found a way to get his fix & flip deals (more than 20 at the time “for sale”) to produce cash flow while awaiting a buyer by using Airbnb.  Suddenly, he found himself collecting $45,000 per month AFTER expenses on a portfolio of fix & flip homes that were previously COSTING $35,000 per month.  Additionally, he no longer lowers prices on flips-he’s making so much money while they’re on the market that he doesn’t care if they ever sell!! Ready to check out the details?

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