Book Recommendations by Dan Breslin

“Why Dan Recommends:” Understanding branding & authority. Understanding 3 types of power, Real power, Legal power, & Image power-then using these in Real Estate Deals

“Why Dan Recommends:” Dive deeper into Psychological mechanisms which drive many of the principles discussed in “Winning Through Intimidation” Especially Authority (image power).

“Why Dan Recommends:” Gives famous examples of creativity in real estate deals closed by Donald Trump. This IS the Deal Maker’s mindset.

“Why Dan Recommends:” Exact language patterns and strategies for negotiating great real estate deals. Recommendations 1,2 & 3 are mindset, #4 is tactics-how to implement from the mindset developed in the 1st 3 books.

“Why Dan Recommends:” There is a price to be paid for certain things in life. Tim Grover, as NBA trainer of the stars, outlines the price paid by top athletes including Michael Jordan, LeBron James, & Kobe Bryant-then relates these to the price paid by top performing sales & business professionals.