Investing in Real Estate Using an IRA with Jason DeBono

Investing in Real Estate Using an IRA


Guest: Jason DeBono is the President of NuView Trust, a Self Directed IRA & Other Investment Accounts with more than $1.5 Billion under management.  NuView specializes in Investing in Real estate using an IRA.
Big Idea: Build a Private Bank system Using Your Network to Fund Deals with $0 Down Payment, $0 Monthly Payments, & NO Credit Check  The Private Bank funding method is the easiest way to fund a high volume of real estate deals.
I learned about the Private Bank method of funding deals back in 2006-when I had no money, bad credit, & no monthly budget for payments.  Luckily I DID have a few deals cooking to rapidly change that situation.   Jason & I discuss the Private Bank & using IRA’s to fund other real estate deals in depth during today’s episode.

Jason & I Discuss:

  • Private Bank for Flipping Houses

  • SoloQRP for Self Employed, Tax Advantage Saving

  • How to Quickly Multiply Your IRA-even starting from $0

  • Tax Advantage Wealth Building



Jason DeBono is the President of NuView Trust:


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Dan Breslin: One of the key reasons that my company, Diamond Equity Investments, has grown to closing more than two hundred deals per year is the private bank strategy. Today’s guest, Jason, joins us to discuss the strategy, that private bank strategy, that investors are using where they construct their own private bank using money sourced from the IRA accounts of people that are already in your network to fund fix and flip deals.

So the IRA owner, the investor in the private bank scenario, enjoys the high yield provided by the fix and flip investor, usually around ten percent – a little less, little more – plus some points while the fix and flip investor is able to operate a larger number of deals with the additional access to capital. It is a true win-win. It drives the real estate fix and flip business throughout the entire US.

Jason and I also discussed several unique deal examples including my first ever private-money funded fix and flip deal, oh, so many years ago. If you are currently flipping houses and have not yet mastered the use of self-directed IRA money for your deals, you are about to discover the most abundant source of private money in the US. It is a game-changer.

On the flip side, if you currently have an old IRA from previous employer, job, you just saved it up, and you would love to see that IRA account produce higher returns or maybe more consistent returns than its currently producing, Jason covers the method that many investors have been using to do just that.

Please note my disclaimer, neither Jason nor myself are providing investment, legal, or tax advice during this episode. We are not professional investment advisors. Any strategies or examples discussed here are provided from our own investing and business activities. If you are seeking legal, tax, or investing advice, I suggest you consult with the appropriate licensed professional.


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