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Hey! I’m Dan Breslin, and I’m the host of the REI Diamonds Show-the real estate investing podcast experienced investors follow.  My job is to identify high caliber, long experienced guests.  Many of these guests do $1 Million or more per year in profits from deals.   This higher level of REI real estate conversation makes for the best REI Podcast experience for people actually doing deals.  

While beginners certainly can pick up tips, tricks, and tactics they can use, those with a bit more seasoning will often find this real estate podcast very valuable in growing and maintaining wealth.  

A Podcast Host Experienced in Real Estate Investing

I am the Founder & President of Diamond Equity Investments . I’ve been buying, renovating, & selling houses since 2006. We buy houses in Philadelphia (PA), New Jersey, Chicago (IL), & Atlanta (GA). In 2019 we bought & sold 223 houses & in 2020 we bought and sold 283 houses.  By the way, our business is growing and we are always looking for “A” players.  Sound like an opportunity to you?

How to Profitably Listen to a Podcast

The key to listening to this podcast-or any podcast related to your business-is to learn how to listen.  Often the real jewels of wisdom are buried in the conversation.  Not the obvious thing mentioned in the title, but an offhand remark by a guest which is exactly the nugget you need to move your business forward.  Listen closely to notice the real jewels.  That’s how I do it as I create the episode.  I look for the ideas which apply to my business then immediately implement them.

I’m honored to host the REI Diamonds Show since 2015.  A true privilege to bring you the real estate investment industry‘s top minds through wide ranging conversations about all things real estate investing.  

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