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Fast & Easy Multifamily Lending with StackSource Founder Tim Milazzo

  Fast & Easy Multifamily Lending with StackSource Founder Tim Milazzo   Guest: Tim Milazzo is the co-founder of StackSource, a technology driven engine for funding commercial real estate deals of all types.    Big Idea: Having access to fast & easy multifamily lending, or any other commercial funding, is the first step to scaling a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.  The commercial loan landscape is extremely fragmented, with many lenders focused on only certain asset types, loan sizes, or other niche spaces at any given time.  StackSource is a national high volume aggregator of lenders, loan types & contacts, providing borrowers the faster method for finding the correct lender for your particular asset type. Tim & I discuss how
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Rental Property Insurance Pitfalls with Attorney Galen Hair

  Rental Property Insurance Pitfalls with Attorney Galen Hair   Guest (Attorney Galen Hair): New Orleans Attorney Galen Hair is an expert in avoiding rental property insurance pitfalls.  At any given time Galen and his team are involved in helping several hundred people obtain full payment from insurance companies for catastrophic loss.   Big Idea: Rental property insurance policies are designed NOT to pay out.  Galen Hair & I discuss the process for purchasing a property insurance policy.  I personally own dozens of properties and have flipped well over 1,000, and I’ve NEVER bought insurance with the level of due diligence coached by Galen.  You may not have the insurance protection you believe you bought….           
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Investing in Hotels with Mike Stohler

  Investing in Hotels with Mike Stohler   Guest: Investing in hotels with Mike Stohler.  Mike is a former commercial airline pilot, Navy veteran, and co-founder at Gateway Private Equity Group.  Including apartment complexes, houses, and hotels, Mike has owned or operated over 1300 units.  Seeking value-add opportunities and higher returns, Mike pivoted from multi-family to hotels and now focuses exclusively in this niche.   Big Idea: Investing in Hotels is really a two-fold investment.  First you’re investing in the real estate where the hotel is located.  Second, you’re investing in the business of running that hotel successfully.  Because of this dual nature, hotel investing can be riskier than other real estate investments while offering larger & faster returns when
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How to Make NNN Lease Investments with Drew Wahlgren of Mag Capital Partners

  How to Make NNN Lease Investments with Drew Wahlgren of Mag Capital Partners   Guest: Drew Wahlgren began his career as a risk analyst at Liberty Mutual Insurance.  He then leveraged that experience into his current role as Director of Capital Markets with MAG Capital Partners, a commercial real estate firm with a focus on the sale/leaseback strategy of NNN lease investments.       Big Idea: NNN Lease Investments made through sale/leaseback agreements with owners who occupy commercial real estate can be the lowest risk real estate investments available in the market.  On this episode, Drew and I discuss the relative safety of NNN Lease Investments, the latent risks in multi-tenant industrial deals, and MAG Capital’s recent direction of simply
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Probate Leads, Data, & Real Estate Deals with Bill Gross

  Probate Leads, Data, & Real Estate Deals with Bill Gross   Guest:  Bill Gross is a real estate agent, investor, and probate expert working the California real estate market.   Big Idea: Most real estate attorneys, agents, & investors have no idea how to properly probate an estate quickly.  Probate deals often linger for months & sometimes years before finally receiving a clear to close.  Bill’s focus is exactly those types of deals.  He finds the most challenging probate cases and quickly clears the issue and gets to closing quickly, where everyone gets paid.  Bill and I go deep on Probate and share quite a few resources including where to get probate data, how to work probate leads, and
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How to Run Real Estate Facebook Ads with Chad Keller

  How to Run Real Estate Facebook Ads with Chad Keller   Guest: Chad Keller is a real estate investor, a Facebook and marketing funnel expert, and the Co-Founder of Motivated Leads, a digital marketing agency that helps real estate investors expand their portfolios quickly by generating quality motivated seller leads.   Big Idea: Advertising directly to sellers for off Market deals is one of the most reliable methods for building a real estate agent OR investor business.  Chad & I discuss how to run Facebook & Google ads for motivated sellers.  We also dive into his own experience as a real estate investor with his method on choosing very specific house in very specific reasons to maximize returns.  
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