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Getting High Return on Investment through Co-Living Rentals with Johnny Wolff

  Episode: Getting High Return on Investment through Co-Living Rentals with Johnny Wolff   Guest: Johnny Wolff is the CEO & Founder of tech Company, HomeRoom.  HomeRoom is one of the fastest growing co-living companies in the U.S.  Johnny founded HomeRoom after a career as an analyst in Silicon Valley and then relocating to Austin, TX.   Big Idea:  Investors can obtain outsize returns by investing in co-living housing.  Co-living is a trend where many young people prefer living with roommates for social & economic reasons.  This trend exists throughout the U.S. and a new industry is arising to provide a professionally managed experienced to both residents & landlords.          Dan Breslin: Welcome to the REI Diamonds
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How to Rehab a House the RIGHT Way with Van Sturgeon

  Episode: How to Rehab a House the RIGHT Way with Van Sturgeon   Guest: Van Sturgeon owns more than 1,000 rental properties throughout the U.S. & Canada.  He’s rehabbed even more-picking up countless methods along the way.   Big Idea: Rehabbing houses is a breeze for highly successful real estate investors.  Buying property cheap, due to condition, then renovating them to force value is one of the most powerful methods of real estate investing for compounding wealth.  BRRR, or the buy, renovate, rent, & refi strategy is one of real estate investor’s favorite strategy for building a large portfolio with a limited amount of capital.            Dan Breslin: Today’s guest, Van Sturgeon, personally owns more
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Converting Dead Leads to Cash with Chris Craddock

  Episode: Converting Dead Leads to Cash with Chris Craddock   Guest: Chris Craddock is the Founder and CEO of The Redux Group, a real estate team that sold over $150 million in real estate in 2020 throughout the Washington DC & Richmond Virginia region.  He is the host of the Uncommon Real Estate Podcast.   Big Idea: Homebuying companies can generate $10,000 or more every month by converting their dead leads into cash.   Direct to seller marketing for real estate investors is a great way to generate deal flow.  The waste product of this lead generation is that you end up with many retail-price seeking sellers.   Chris and I discuss the process of converting those leads to cash in
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How to Become a Real Estate Developer with Adam Gilbert

  Episode: How to Become a Real Estate Developer with Adam Gilbert   Guest: Adam Gilbert is the President of The Firm Commercial where he leads a team of agents specializing in commercial real estate sales, leasing, land acquisition, development, government relations, and value added entitlement development deals.   Big Idea: Any Real Estate Agent, Developer, or Investor Generates Consistent Income by Positioning themselves to Receive a Continuous Flow of Deals Crossing their Path.  Adam has a unique way of doing this in the realm of commercial real estate, as discussed during this episode.          Dan Breslin: Some of my best partners have come through listening this podcast. Maybe you’re the next. Today’s guest is Adam Gilbert,
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100+ Unit Apartment Syndication with Stephanie Walter

  Episode: 100+ Unit Apartment Complex Syndication with Stephanie Walter Guest: Stephanie Walter is the Founder & CEO of Erbe Wealth.  Stephanie began investing in single family homes in Colorado while owning & operating her insurance agency business.   She has since exited that business and sold all of her single family rentals to focus solely on larger commercial real estate syndication deals. Big Idea:  Recognizing the Opportunity to Sell Appreciated, Low Cash Flowing Deals and Transitioning to Larger Apartment Syndication Deals. Stephanie and I discuss her decisions to exit both single family rentals AND her insurance agency business to focus solely on larger, less active-truly passive commercial real estate deals.          Dan Breslin: Today’s guest Stephanie Walter
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How to Release Home Equity WITHOUT a Refi, Monthly Payments, or Mortgage with Matthew Sullivan

  Episode: How to Release Home Equity WITHOUT a Refi or Payments-a conversation with Matthew Sullivan Guest: Matthew Sullivan is the Founder & CEO of QuantumRE as well as the host of his own podcast, “Hooked on Startups”. He is originally from London and has a background working with Richard Branson’s corporate finance team and was a director of the Virgin-sponsored London Air Ambulance.  Matthew has created a new method allowing homeowners to release home equity without a refi. Big Idea: How to Cash Out Home Equity while making NO monthly payments.  Add in blockchain technology to provide a secondary market for real estate investors to participate in hot real estate markets around the world in a truly passive manner.
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