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Dave Foster on Avoiding Taxes Using 1031 Exchange Real Estate Investing

  Avoiding Taxes Using 1031 Exchange Real Estate Investing   Guest: Dave Foster is a 25-year real estate veteran and coach who has used 1031 exchanges to increase his buying power while minimizing his tax obligations. He has a keen understanding of how to use this under-utilized tax provision to create wealth in real estate.   Big Idea: 1031 exchanges can be used to defer taxes and leverage capital when transitioning from one real estate investment to another. With the right strategy, investors can keep their own tax dollars working for them, creating more buying power and limiting their tax obligations. Dave Foster can show you how to unlock the benefits of 1031 exchange real estate investing.       
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Real Estate Development with Karl Krauskopf

  Real Estate Development with Karl Krauskopf   Guest: Karl Krauskopf is a multi family real estate investor and developer based in Seattle, Washington. He is the managing partner of Auroras Investment Group. Big Idea: Real Estate development, specifically the entitlement process can produce large gains without the risk of construction. Flipping houses is a great place to start in real estate, but can be challenging to scale. This is why many real estate developers progress to development of land and larger projects after finding success in single family homes.            Dan Breslin: Welcome to the REI Diamond Show. I’m your host, Dan Breslin, and this is episode 209 on real estate development with Karl Krauskopf.
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Franchise Investments with Kim Daly

  Franchise Investments with Kim Daly   Guest: Kim Daly is an independent franchise consultant with FranChoice. She is also the co-author of Franchising Freedom & Mission Matters Volume 5, Top Tips to Success. Big Idea: Kim Daly is an expert in franchise investment. Kim Daly has spent the last 20 years helping people achieve financial freedom by enabling them to find the perfect franchise opportunities. Her skill for matching a client’s background, interests, skills, finances and life goals to the ideal opportunity has made her one of the top franchise consultants in the country. On today’s episode we discuss the way some real estate investors transition from house flipping to owning a portfolio of franchise businesses-which might be a
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Nashville Tennessee Real Estate Development with HBG Capital Founder Brandon Cobb

  Nashville Tennessee Real Estate Development with HBG Capital Founder Brandon Cobb   Guest: Nashville Tennessee Real Estate Investor Brandon Cobb is the founder of HBG Capital.  He is also a licensed and bonded General Contractor in TN managing more than $1O Million of new development annually. Big Idea: Investing in Nashville Tennessee real estate is like most of the U.S. at the time of this recording:  Low inventory combined with an insanely inflationary environment.  There is also a housing shortage which has created profitable conditions for residential real estate developers who are capable of building with scarce & expensive building materials and labor.  Not an easy task.  On today’s episode Brandon & I discuss this situation and the system
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Fast & Easy Multifamily Lending with StackSource Founder Tim Milazzo

  Fast & Easy Multifamily Lending with StackSource Founder Tim Milazzo   Guest: Tim Milazzo is the co-founder of StackSource, a technology driven engine for funding commercial real estate deals of all types.    Big Idea: Having access to fast & easy multifamily lending, or any other commercial funding, is the first step to scaling a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.  The commercial loan landscape is extremely fragmented, with many lenders focused on only certain asset types, loan sizes, or other niche spaces at any given time.  StackSource is a national high volume aggregator of lenders, loan types & contacts, providing borrowers the faster method for finding the correct lender for your particular asset type. Tim & I discuss how
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Rental Property Insurance Pitfalls with Attorney Galen Hair

  Rental Property Insurance Pitfalls with Attorney Galen Hair   Guest (Attorney Galen Hair): New Orleans Attorney Galen Hair is an expert in avoiding rental property insurance pitfalls.  At any given time Galen and his team are involved in helping several hundred people obtain full payment from insurance companies for catastrophic loss.   Big Idea: Rental property insurance policies are designed NOT to pay out.  Galen Hair & I discuss the process for purchasing a property insurance policy.  I personally own dozens of properties and have flipped well over 1,000, and I’ve NEVER bought insurance with the level of due diligence coached by Galen.  You may not have the insurance protection you believe you bought….           
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