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REI Diamonds Show Guest Application

Wanna Be a Featured REI Diamonds Show Expert?
The REI Diamonds Show is a platform for high caliber players in the real estate investment arena to display their expertise & wisdom.  In exchange for that wisdom, guests receive an interview which will continue to work for them months-even years-after the episode is initially aired.

About the Audience
The growing audience of the REI Diamonds Show includes successful & experienced real estate investors throughout the U.S. with large concentrations in the Philadelphia & Chicago regions.  There are currently more than 55,000 subscribers receiving the Saturday New Episode Notification Email.

That number does not include REI Diamonds Show subscribers through iTunes, Youtube, & our host at Podomatic.

The REI Diamonds Show host, Dan Breslin, commands the show by seeking out top performing real estate investors and service providers and guiding the conversation to highlight the skills & experience those guests have developed to obtain their positions in life.  Building wealth, avoiding being overtaxed, and living abundantly are what the show is all about.

About Dan Breslin
Dan Breslin started in the real estate business in 2006. In 2014, Dan moved from Philadelphia to Chicago to be a more present father in his then 12 year old daughter’s life.  Upon arrival, Dan expanded his Philadelphia based real estate investment company, Diamond Equity Investments, to include the Chicago, IL & Atlanta GA regions.

Diamond Equity Investments is a high volume house flipping organization that bought & sold 223 houses in 2019 and 283 houses in 2020 & 326 so far in 2021.  The company has grown more than 50% in each of the past 3 years and now buys houses, condos, & apartment buildings throughout the U.S..

Since 2006, Dan has been full-time in real estate.  His philosophy as a business owner is to make his money by doing deals-buying, developing, selling, and owning a rental portfolio have provided Dan and his partners with large profits & consistently high returns to his passive investors.

Dan’s goal in having you on the show is to position you as an expert while guiding the conversation in a manner that is beneficial to your current business.

Ready to Apply to Become an Expert Guest?

  1. Please complete the application in the form on this page.  
  2. If accepted, you will receive an email with instructions on completing the booking process.  Please be patient, these applications are reviewed once per month.

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