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$75,000 Profit Per Deal-No Money Down RE Investing

You might have heard people say that investing in real estate with no money down is impossible. The first thing to understand is that investing with “no money down” does NOT mean “no money at all”. My guest, Chris Prefontaine, has developed an entire system to consistently buy property with no money down. We are NOT talking about house hacking or buying a primary residence. These no money down deals generate cash flow over the long term.

There are a few financing options to invest in real estate with no money down. The first way is by using seller financing. You find a seller willing to accept payments on the purchase price. In other words, the seller is the money lender in the deal, not a bank. For example, you agree to pay $400,000 for a house by making monthly installments of $2,000 per month.

The second way is to use a lease option where you pay the owner a certain monthly payment. Additionally, you lock in a purchase price for a certain period of time. Let’s continue using the $400,000 example. First, you lock in a monthly payment of $2,000 with the seller. Second, you lock in the purchase price of $4,000. Third, you agree to pay that $400,000 price within 36 months.

You make your profit by finding a buyer willing to pay $2,400 per month and $440,000 within that same 36 month period. Of course, this is an oversimplified set of examples. Every no money down real estate deal is unique. You can negotiate monthly payments, credits, the purchase price, & the term of the deal. Your options are endless!

Has Covid Improved the No Money Down Real Estate Market?

Covid has affected many real estate markets throughout the U.S. I’m a real estate investor and I personally buy rental property in Atlanta, Chicago, & Philadelphia. These markets have become superheated through 2020 which caused inventory levels to drop. The lack of houses for sale has caused purchase prices to rise. I imagine your market is similar.

This low inventory can make finding a deal more challenging. However, your opportunity to make money is better because the prices are rising. Any deal you make has a higher chance of selling at a profit since the market is moving up. In other words, deals are more valuable now than they have ever been. So how do you find no money down real estate deals?

Which Sellers Will Accept a No Money Down Offer?

The real estate investing business is based on making offers. Newbie investors often avoid making offers for a variety of made up reasons. They blame their credit score or interest rates. There are two reasons newbies don’t buy real estate. First, they don’t ever make offers to buy investment property. The second reason is usually the cause of the first reason. They don’t know how to make the offer. The price, the terms, the closing date. These are confusing.

To make things worse, newbies often make their offers to the wrong seller. Banks selling REO property will NOT accept a no money down offer. They expect cash. A seller who needs the cash to move to their next house cannot accept a no money down offer. They need cash.

On the other hand, a seller who is seeking to avoid paying taxes on the sale of a house is the perfect seller to offer a no money down deal. Those sellers are the perfect candidate for a no money down deal. The next challenge is finding those sellers. The best method for attracting deal flow is through marketing. All volume investors know this secret. Get good at advertising and you’ll never be without a deal. How much advertising budget is needed to succeed? Much less than you think. You’ll have to check out the episode for full details.


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Chris & I Discuss:

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  • Which Sellers Will Accept a No Money Down Offer?

  • Can this Business Run on $2,000/Month Marketing?

  • 3 Steps to Dominating Any Niche


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