Investing in mobile homes with no money down is possible if you execute the correct strategy. Jay Samera joins me on the show to discuss this strategy in detail. Investing in mobile homes can generate quick chunks of cash. Brand new investors often do their first deal and net anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $10,000 or more. Many real estate investors avoid this strategy because of they don’t know the strategy. They would rather do a wholesale deal or a flip because it’s more mainstream.




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The Mobile Home Market is Prime for Making Quick Cash

There is nearly no competition in the mobile home investing market. This is because the real estate investing community largely ignores the mobile home market. This lack of competition refers to the buy side-dealing with a motivated seller.

On the other side of the deal is the buyer who will occupy the property. Normally these buyers would be in the market to rent a home, but leap at the opportunity to buy rental property instead. This “buyer” is actually only buying the manufactured home, not the land beneath. Considering that fact, the purchase price paid for the house and the monthly rent payments still provide that buyer with a home they own. These buyers now have pride of ownership. They can maintain, paint, or change their home without asking any landlord. It feels good to own a home.

This is NOT about Buying Mobile Home Parks-You do NOT own the land here…

You don’t actually “buy the property”. Park owners actually own the lot and the mobile home owner pays rent. I normally pass on these deals myself because of this fact. It’s also a reason many gravitate toward wholesaling houses instead-as you’re doing deals on fee simple (fully owned) property which most real estate investors understand. Essentially you are buying & selling the mobile home itself. It might make more sense to think of this strategy like buying & selling cars for profit. There is a title, but no deed. The Park Owner (sometimes a real estate investment trust) holds the deed to the land. Here’s why that’s important:

5 Risks that Lead to BIG Losses & How to Avoid Them

Jay and I discuss 5 big risks which could cost you big during the show. One of the biggest risks to understand is that you’re at the mercy of the land owner. That park I mentioned above? They have the ability to write the rules for their park. Every mobile home park has it’s own set of rules. Some of these rules included approving any resident. Those approval processes could take months-while you’re responsible for paying the lot rent. Check out the episode to discover the other 4 risks.

Structure of a No Money Down Mobile Home Deal

No money down real estate investing is always accomplished through creative financing. You’re simply putting together sellers and buyers. Find a motivated seller and lock in a purchase price-often by arranging to make payments. Then find a buyer, set a purchase price, collect a down payment, and hold a note (or loan) for the balance.

Be sure to collect a larger down payment than is required to pay the seller, so there is some profit left right up front in the deal. Congrats-you’re just bought & sold real estate with no money. Well, I guess in this case, it’s actually a mobile home. Along these same lines, creative financing applies to various types of real estate-land, apartment buildings, houses, and of course, mobile homes (not actually real estate).


You also set the terms and the interest rate for the payments you’re collecting. Even though you don’t own the land, you’re still collecting cash flow just like an investment property. Many would agree this is even better since you’re not responsible for any maintenance or upkeep on the deal.


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