Passively Investing in Emerging Markets

Dan Zitofsky on Passive Investing in Emerging Markets

Dan lives and invests in Delaware.  He buys & sells turn key rental propertiesPassive investing in emerging markets is the favorite strategy of most non-local real estate investors.  The reason the strategy works is because values tend to rise in emerging markets.  An emerging market is any market where there are both population and job growth.


Dan Zitofsky Says:
“For well over two decades, I’ve specialized in working with clients to build equity in their wealth portfolios through investments, savings, IRA’s, and 401K’s. Here at Zitofsky Capital Management, we perform extensive due diligence to protect every investment for our investors as well as our lenders.

I’ve closed over 800 fix-and-flips, 650 rental properties, 800 plus doors in multi family projects and over 1,000 private money and Non Performing Note transactions. I personally coach investors at all levels, offering guidance for turnkey rentals or fix and flip properties, but more importantly how to create “True Passive Wealth.” I’m also a featured speaker at many national gatherings of investors and wealth groups Internationally which is now my true passion bringing real content in a mix of so much smoke in this industry.

One of my specialties is training investors how to create long term passive wealth for themselves by turning non-performing assets into long term performing assets be “Becoming The Bank”. 

Dan Zitofsky & I Discuss:

  • 4 Best Deal Sources

  • Emerging Markets

  • Why B & C Neighborhoods are Best to Invest

  • Passive Real Estate Investing Strategy

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