Steve & I Discuss

  • Commodities Trader turned Real Estate Guy

  • Perspective from Operating in 9 Major U.S. Markets

  • Mitigating Risk When Flipping in Challenging Areas

  • Stepping Up Volume as a Fix & Flip Investor

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From Commodities to Real Estate

Steve Werner originally started out as a Commodities Trader then Hard Money Lender before landing with DAWGS.  In this episode, Steve and talk about how to find profitable fix & flip opportunities in a tight real estate market where much of the inventory needing repairs is being snapped up by owner occupants willing to do the work and live there.  There is still TONS of inventory available in many cities, especially where I’m currently flipping houses:  Atlanta, Philadelphia, & Chicago.  That huge inventory, just like any investment, does present some risk.  Steve and I discuss exactly how to deal with many of those risks to ensure the house comes out retail ready in the end.

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