Episode: How to Buy a House with No Money Down with Tim Padavic

Guest: Tim Padavic is the Vice President of The Federal Savings Bank. He’s licensed to lend in all 50 states.

Big Idea: Offering Your Retail Buyer “No Money Down” Wins More Deals (for Agents) & Keeps More Money in YOUR Pocket (for Flippers). Buying a house with no money down allows more buyers to participate in the red-hot real estate market. Recent surveys show the reason many buyers remain on the sideline is a limited savings for the down payment.
Agents & buyers obviously benefit by knowing how to buy house with no money down. Fix & Flip investors also benefit because they can offer buyers of their projects the option of no-or certainly very low money down.
If you’re flipping houses and use a real estate agent to sell your flips-you can share this episode & Tim’s contact info as a resource they might use in selling your house at a higher price. Think about it-if a buyer doesn’t need any money down-or any seller credits for down payment assistance, that money stays in YOUR pocket. Worth noting-this no money down strategy is only applicable on Owner Occupied residential property.



Dan Breslin: This episode was created for you. Agents and buyers obviously benefit by knowing how to buy a house with no money down and fix-and-flip investors also benefit because they can offer the buyers of their projects—the houses they’ve fixed to flip—the option of no money down or certainly very low money down financing. That’s the topic today.

And if you’re flipping houses and you use a real estate agent to sell those flips, I suggest that you share this episode and Tim Padavic’s contact info at the end as a resource that they might use in selling your house at a higher price. Think about it. If a buyer doesn’t need any money down or any seller credits to cover closing costs or down payment assistance, the money stays in your pocket. I’m not getting paid for this. Tim’s not kicking me anything back. I just know Tim from my network. He’s a valuable resource for me on my flips and he is licensed in all 50 states so I invited him to come on the show as a value-add to you, the valued member of my network.

Worth noting here before we get into the interview, this no money down strategy is only applicable on owner-occupied residential property. So, this is for owner-occupied properties. Tim, this episode, we do not discuss investor financing on this episode. Tim does not even get into investor financing. He specializes in homeowners looking to buy houses in which to live and that’s where the no money down financing mechanism that we’re going to discuss here today works. Ready to get started? Tim Padavic, welcome to the REI Diamond Show.

Tim: In regards to how I get started, in ’98, I got started brokering loans. We actually did most of our business in the refinance and remodel business. We helped rehabbers remodel homes for the homebuyer or the homeowner and we would lower their payment and get them their home improvement, all the way until about 2008 when the collapse happened and then I’ve been doing purchases ever since.

And most of my purchases, if not all of them, my specialty is people getting into their home either for the first time or maybe a move. They don’t really work with investors or second homes or anything like that. It’s not that I wouldn’t it, it’s just not my specialty. My specialty’s getting people into homes. People who are looking for a possibly a rehabbed home or upgrading to a rehabbed home. Something that is real nice for them to move into and the south side of Chicago has been a key focus of those rehabbed homes and the price points are right and some of the programs that we have available tie in really nicely.


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Tim & I Discuss Buying a House with Low Down Payment:

  • How to Access Grant Money for Down Payment

  • Income & Debt Levels to Qualify

  • How to Get Offers Accepted in this HOT Real Estate Market

  • Importance of Beginning the Mortgage Process Now


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