Episode: How to Release Home Equity WITHOUT a Refi or Payments-a conversation with Matthew Sullivan

Guest: Matthew Sullivan is the Founder & CEO of QuantumRE as well as the host of his own podcast, “Hooked on Startups”. He is originally from London and has a background working with Richard Branson’s corporate finance team and was a director of the Virgin-sponsored London Air Ambulance.  Matthew has created a new method allowing homeowners to release home equity without a refi.

Big Idea: How to Cash Out Home Equity while making NO monthly payments.  Add in blockchain technology to provide a secondary market for real estate investors to participate in hot real estate markets around the world in a truly passive manner.




Dan Breslin: Matthew joins us today sharing his unique business model of providing cash to homeowners without a refi mortgage or monthly payments. The conversation includes tokenization of real estate through blockchain technology, the underwriting process to obtain this cash, and a brief history of Matthew’s background as a helicopter pilot and how that applies to running a business. Let us begin.

All right, Matthew Sullivan, welcome to the REI Diamond Show. How are you doing today?

Matthew Sullivan: Very well, Dan. Thanks for having me on.

Dan: Nice. So you have a bit of a history, which, I mean, maybe people already recognize the accent. But do you want to kind of talk about where you came from in your career and kind of how it evolved to what you are doing today?

Matthew: Yes, of course. So I am originally from England and I moved to Southern California about seven years ago. And before that, I had spent about the last previous twenty-something years and really running my own businesses in finance, telecommunications, and technology. I think back in the late 90’s I had the amazing privilege of working closely with Sir Richard Branson as well for a few years and it was involved with a number of companies like Virgin Cosmetics, Virgin Clothing.

I was a trustee of the London Air Ambulance that was sponsored by Virgin, so that was a fantastic time. I moved here with a big changed in circumstances back in England, so fresh start over here. And the first thing I did was just launch myself into real estate, which is something that I always wanted to do when I was in the UK, but I got distracted by the internet and other sorts of platforms. So, it was really a great opportunity to explore this fantastic universe of real estate.

Dan: Nice. Okay, so a couple of things before we dive into some of our big topics here. But I am curious, I do not know a lot about UK real estate. I have heard that it operates a little bit differently, it is more constrained, there is not the type of supply of real estate that we have in almost all the markets in the US. Would you mind shedding some light on that assumption for me?

Matthew: Yes. Well again, I did not have any great exposure to the real estate markets in the UK, so all of my real operating experience comes from the US. But I can tell you from my experiences as an investor, as a business person in the UK, property there, obviously it is a much smaller country, so you have got far fewer people and the number of opportunities is nowhere near as numerous as they are in the US.

Real estate in the US is a multi-layered industry, which comprises everything from huge public company investments down to individuals that are fixing and flipping. There is a large private money universe. One of the things that you do not have so much in the UK, so you do not have that same depth to the private capital. And also there is just nowhere near the scale of real estate opportunities that you see over here. If you look at just California for example, the size of the Californian economy is not far off the size of the UK economy and so that just puts it into perspective. It is much bigger over here, much faster-moving, and is much more the bedrock of the economy as a whole.


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Matthew & I Discuss How to Release Home Equity

  • What is a “Home Equity Contract”?

  • Own a Piece of Appreciation in Hot Markets

  • Tokenizing Residential Real Estate

  • Using Option Contracts instead of Mortgages

  • Cash Out Home Equity WITHOUT a Refi


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