Unveiling Your Real Estate Edge: Insights from Jeremiah Boucher


Guest: Jeremiah Boucher, a seasoned real estate investor, shares his transformative journey in the industry, from a challenging experience during the 2008 financial crisis to finding his competitive edge. With a focus on manufactured housing, self-storage, and small bay industrial properties, Jeremiah emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, building relationships, and honing communication and negotiation skills.


Big Idea: Jeremiah Boucher discusses his  journey of self-discovery and growth in the real estate industry. From overcoming adversity during the 2008 financial crisis to finding his niche in specialized asset classes, Jeremiah shares his insights on finding your competitive advantage, building trust, and the importance of continuous improvement. Get ready to gain valuable knowledge on deal sourcing, negotiation strategies, and the power of effective communication and presentation skills in real estate.





Boucher: Yeah. Similar to a lot of the listeners, I quit college and got into real estate. I bought a lot of houses. I lost everything in 08 with just like the big short, you know, and had some real challenges with tax liens and foreclosure and credit card debt and all of that whole deal. I didn’t have an edge, so I was doing what everyone else was doing in Vegas. You know, everybody was a realtor, everybody was a house flipper, learned the lesson. I knew something in my gut was wrong in that whole process, and I knew that wasn’t going to survive. I took the hit and had to rebuild, and then the next 10 years really were about building up a manufactured housing portfolio

I did that by just being young and naive and aggressive and reaching out to some guys that started a big mobile home park fund and helped them build that fund by sourcing deals and kind of putting together creative deals and managing and operating some of these deals and then had a nice swap with them in 2016 where I was able to take on my own assets and manufactured housing. That gave me some autonomy to take that cash flow and put it into my own management company. I ran that out of Vegas, a lot of the assets were in Vegas and up near Reno, and I was able to at that point, you know, kind of build up my resources and learn the ins and outs of the operational part of the business, which is rough when you’re dealing with some types of, you know, lower-income housing and, what revolves around that.

I saw at least the writing on the wall for me that I thought asset values were extremely high, and I really wasn’t prepared to grow or scale that type of business at that time, so I had a good exit in 2019 and wrote the book and then, you know, connected with I think you a couple of years later, but it was really through, you know, a bunch of different networks where I started to actually scale and start with some funds rather than doing individual syndications, and at this stage, I only operate out of raising money through funds. I’m a typical, you know, private equity syndicator, like a lot of guys on your show, and then at that stage, you know, my niche, my focus, you know, first was manufactured housing. We still look at it, but it’s not as heavy in the portfolio. Second is storage, you know, traditionally storage and tertiary secondary markets. A lot of them are up in the northeast. We remotely manage a lot of them, and we look for the rough ones and improve them.

Then lastly, my most recent kind of fun asset class is Small Bay industrial up in the Northeast, and I’m building a lot of it. I do construction as well. We can get into all that, but that’s trying to condense it as best I could for you, Dan.


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Jeremiah Boucher & I Discuss the Unveiling Your Real Estate Edge:

  • Finding Your Competitive Edge: Identify and leverage your unique value proposition to gain a competitive advantage in real estate by specializing in a specific asset class and continuously improving your skills.

  • Building Relationships and Trust: Learn how to build strong relationships and foster trust with sellers, partners, and investors, crucial for achieving success in real estate. Effective communication, active listening, and demonstrating credibility as a buyer are key elements discussed.

  • Understanding Different Asset Classes: Gain a comprehensive understanding of various real estate asset classes, including manufactured housing, self-storage, and small bay industrial properties. Explore the potential benefits and challenges of each asset class to make informed investment decisions.

  • Strategies for Deal Sourcing and Negotiation: Discover practical strategies for finding and evaluating real estate deals, along with effective negotiation techniques. Jeremiah shares insights on deal sourcing, market analysis, and structuring creative solutions that align with both buyer and seller goals.

  • Importance of Communication and Negotiation Skills: Recognize the significance of developing strong communication and negotiation skills in the real estate industry. Effective presentation, problem-solving, and active listening are essential for navigating complex transactions and building long-term relationships.


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