Nashville Tennessee Real Estate Development with HBG Capital Founder Brandon Cobb


Guest: Nashville Tennessee Real Estate Investor Brandon Cobb is the founder of HBG Capital.  He is also a licensed and bonded General Contractor in TN managing more than $1O Million of new development annually.

Big Idea: Investing in Nashville Tennessee real estate is like most of the U.S. at the time of this recording:  Low inventory combined with an insanely inflationary environment.  There is also a housing shortage which has created profitable conditions for residential real estate developers who are capable of building with scarce & expensive building materials and labor.  Not an easy task.  On today’s episode Brandon & I discuss this situation and the system he’s developed to build profitably.  Shall we begin?





Daniel Breslin: Today’s guest, Nashville Tennessee Real Estate Investor, Brandon Cobb, is the founder of HBG Capital. He’s also a licensed and bonded general contractor in Tennessee, managing more than $10 million of new development each year. Investing in Nashville Tennessee Real Estate is like most of the US at the time of this recording, super low inventory combined with insanely inflationary environment. There’s also a housing shortage, which has created profitable conditions for residential real estate developers who are capable of building with scarce and expensive building materials and labor, not an easy task.

In today’s episode, Brandon and I discussed this situation and the system he’s developed to actually build profitably.

Brandon: Yeah, so I could probably speak to Nashville more than I can in the other markets. I know Memphis is a very heavy rental market. Over there, you can still scoop up properties for pretty cheap, but you got to be really careful because your tenant base is if you don’t have a good system to processes for vetting tenants, you will get hosed on that. Knoxville, you’re probably referring to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, tons of cabins going up Airbnb, right? COVID kind of blew that area up. Everybody wants to go on a vacation, but they’re scared of COVID or there’s a lockdown. So those areas where you can kind of get the whole glamping experience or cabin experience blew up, that area’s phenomenal. The Smoky Mountains are obviously one of the best places to go and hike, especially during the fall when the leaves change. A little tip for everybody, right? If you have not been in the Smoky during the fall, it’s great.

Nashville’s probably the only city that has gosh, 30, 40 cranes downtown. So you can just look if you just had a picture of three cities, you be able to identify Nashville from those three because it’s got a ton of cranes. Nashville’s just exponential growth. I think all the national builders are now officially here. They set up shop in the building. That mean, you’ve got these ginormous developments that are being announced every single year. They just announced one. It was like a $2 billion development over in the Bordeaux area, which is your first development where you’re going to have heavy commercial skyscrapers that are kind of outside the downtown core. If you look at Nashville, you get the Cumberland River that kind of rolls through it, and that’s sort of your barrier to all these heavy, deep skyline commercial buildings. Well, now, it’s starting to get outside of that and it’s across the river now. So it’s very interesting, and you’re going to start to see that area really kind of explode. So Nashville’s just a hot, hot, hot housing market.

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