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Reed Goossens Podcast on Raising $9.5 Million for a Multi Family Investing Deal with Projected $10 Million Profit.

Reed Goossens moved to the U.S. from Australia in 2012 to pursue a career in structural engineering.  He soon discovered that the U.S. has a much lower barrier to entry to begin investing in real estate than Austrailia.  After buying a triplex and a few duplexes, Reed decided it would be much quicker to scale up his rents and values by buying hundreds of units at a time.  Fast forward a few years and Reed now only buys large multi family assets exceeding a few hundred units per deal.  We dissect his most recent acquisition on today’s show-a 253 unit building in San Antonio Texas which he is going to turn around and exit in about 5 years for more than a $10M projected profit.

Reed Goossens & I Discussion Includes:

  • Structure for Raising $9.5 Million Dollars in One Deal
  • Projected Profit Over $10 Million
  • Benefits of Scaling Your Real Estate Investment
  • Graduating from Duplexes & Triplexes to 200+ Unit Deals

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