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  • Hottest Markets with the Least Competition in the U.S.

  • Selecting the Right Team Members to Execute Deals

  • Institutional Investors-Target the Right Office

  • Details About Recent 253 Unit Texas Deal

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More than the Money

Omar Khan comes from an institutional investment banking background, having advised on $3.7 Billion of capital financing & M&A transactions.  He’s completed numerous multi-million dollar syndication deals and targets deal hold times of 3-5 years before exit.  While most people talk about “raising the money” to do deals, Omar focuses much attention on the more important aspects of the deal during this episode: the Team who’s married to the deal for the 3-5 years.  If you invest your money passively, you obviously better have a good deal to start with, but a top notch operating partner/team is ESSENTIAL to your money’s survival (let alone growth!!).


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