Navigating Real Estate Development: Insights from Brandon Cobb


Guest: Brandon Cobb is a seasoned real estate developer with a keen eye for opportunities and a strategic approach to navigating the market. With a background in both new construction and land development, Brandon brings valuable insights into the evolving landscape of real estate development. You can view his previous REI Diamonds Episode Here: Nashville Tennessee Real Estate Development


Big Idea: Brandon shares his journey into land development and the success of his strategy in selling finished pads to builders, highlighting the importance of adaptability in the face of changing market conditions. He emphasizes the shift towards focusing on entitlement of land for lower risk and higher returns, while also exploring opportunities in developing and selling pads with pre-contracted buyers.




Dan Breslin: Brandon Cobb, welcome back to the REI Diamond Show. How are you doing today?

Brandon Cobb: Hey, I’m back on the show, so I’m doing fantastic. Thanks for having me.

Dan: Nice. In preparation for today’s episode, I’ll reference that buyers can go back and check out your previous episode. The title was Nashville, Tennessee Real Estate Development, and that was in June of 2022. Rather than have you do the origination story and how you got to the place that you’re at today, that’s all on that original episode. But what we were talking about at the time, you were very excited about new construction. You guys had some projects going, and I believe we were in the papering engineering design phase of a land development deal. I don’t remember how many lots it was 10, 20. It was not like a three-lot development, but you were essentially going to put the curbs in here. For the listeners, this is like the Nashville, Tennessee market, Tennessee market in general. You were talking about putting the curbs in and then selling off those pads, I think to individual builders or maybe the national builders. But maybe you could pick up where we left off last time and give us a report on maybe that early or those early development deals with the curbs and the build-ready pad sites went, Brandon.


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Brandon Cobb & I Discuss Navigating Real Estate Development:

  • Transitioning from new construction to land development.
  • Strategies for selling finished pads to builders.
  • Assessing market conditions and adapting development strategies.
  • Balancing risk and profitability in real estate development.
  • Exploring opportunities in the entitlement of land and pre-contracted sales.


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