The Power of Self-Belief with Ben Reinberg


The Power of Self-Belief with Ben Reinberg


Guest: Ben Reinberg started building his commercial real estate empire at 24 years old with nothing but shoe leather and a lot of hustle. Today he owns over $500 million dollars in assets across the country and shares his wealth-building, commercial real estate investing, self-improvement and leadership insights and knowledge with his audience around the world.


Big Idea: Ben Reinberg talks about his journey from Chicago to California, his successful career in real estate, launching his personal brand and podcast, and the business model of Alliance, his company. He emphasizes the importance of becoming the best version of oneself, investing in oneself, having confidence in oneself, and having mentors. He shares his advice on how to develop the ability to create, the importance of mental and physical health, and his two recommended books that have had a major impact on his life. Ben also shares his advice to those starting out in commercial real estate, and how his podcast is an opportunity for him to give back and add value to listeners.




Dan Breslin: All right, Ben, welcome to the REI Diamond Show. How are you doing?

Ben Reinberg: Good. Thank you for having me, Dan. I really appreciate it. It’s a pleasure to be here today and we’re starting to get some great weather in Southern California, so I’m very grateful for that. But everything else is good and appreciate you having me on your show.

Dan: Yeah, for sure. For context, for the listeners, I think we were talking about you leaving Chicago and me moving to Chicago from another state. What was it that drove you to go to California? Was it the weather of the environment, or something else?

Ben: It was part of it. Part of Chicago, my heart is always in Chicago and I am a Chicago kid. I lived there for 52 years and I was actually commuting back and forth from California to Chicago for a year and a half.

Dan: Oh, wow.

Ben: My kids, I have two kids in college at USC, one just graduated and my daughter’s at Dana Hills High School as well, and then my spouse is here as well. What I realized was I had a choice. When we first looked at where to move, I wanted to move to Texas or Florida on the other side. My family said, “Well, everyone’s out here.” My wife’s family was out here too, so it just made a lot of sense to move to California. The climate in Chicago, the rules and ordinances, and the way they handled the pandemic to the amount of violence in Chicago now, where I’ve walked the streets of Michigan Avenue for years and I see security guards, armed security guards, three four of them in a store up and down Michigan Avenue.

I just realized that this is not the place where I was born and raised and grew my business and it was time to make a change. I’m sad to say that it breaks my heart to say that. Chicago is near and dear, and I go back because my headquarters for my company Alliance is in Chicago so I go back. It’s a treat for me to go back, but I don’t miss it like I thought I would. It’s interesting how my mindset has changed. I really gravitated to California. I live in the Orange County area. I love it. The networking’s great. The people are wonderful here. The people in Chicago are wonderful too, don’t get me wrong. But it made a lot of sense to come out here, especially with launching my personal brand, which is growing rapidly.

My podcast is growing rapidly and it made a lot of sense as I get older I’ve been in this business, Dan, for over 28 years, and it just gets to a point where I was waking up and it was gray and dark when I woke up and it was gray and dark when I went home from the office in Chicago. I missed the food, I missed the people. I definitely missed my sports teams. But at the end of the day, it was a really healthy change for me to be in California. So I’m very grateful to be here.


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Ben & I Discuss:

  • The Value of Self-Belief in Investing

  • Importance of Mental and Physical Health

  • The Significance of Mentorship


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