Navigating Market Turbulence: Lessons from Brock Holliman’s Real Estate Success


Guest: Brock Holliman, a resilient real estate entrepreneur, shares his remarkable journey from humble beginnings in Memphis to becoming a prominent figure in Florida’s real estate market. Starting with a lawn mowing business during the real estate depression, Brock’s tenacity and adaptability propelled him into various facets of real estate investing, ultimately leading to his expertise in the build-to-rent space.

Big Idea: Brock’s story underscores the significance of seizing opportunities amidst adversity and continuously evolving strategies to thrive in the ever-changing real estate landscape. From navigating market downturns to pioneering innovative investment models like build-to-rent, Brock’s journey exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and strategic vision in achieving success in real estate.




Dan Breslin: All right, welcome to the REI Diamond Show. Brock, how are you today?

Brock Holliman: I’m doing great, Dan. Thank you for having me on.

Dan: Yeah, absolutely. So we were talking about a little location stamping, and I do that often for the listeners. Just kind of give people context of where you live and what markets you’re kind of operating in. Would you mind maybe starting off your backstory with some of the locations you’ve been to where you’re at now and a summary of your business?

Brock: Yeah, sure. Yeah, I started this off, or I started my journey in Memphis. That’s where I was born and raised. I had a little lawn mowing business there that was mowing foreclosures for the bank because it was in the middle of the great real estate depression. Yeah, that was my first business and really how I made my first little couple of thousand dollars. At the same time, I had a job at IHOP. This was in high school. My father was always in construction. Well, all different types of construction, but he was really bored and all of his friends and everybody in construction at the time in the building industry was either going bankrupt or just semi-retired or whatever because the industry was dead. But I remember back then he told me that I should check into these foreclosure auctions. I remember still being in high school, he had a speeding ticket that day and I didn’t expect to see him. But I was down at the courthouse skipping school and checking out these auctions just like he told me. And here I see him walking up the steps so he could go to his speeding ticket court date. We locked eyes and that was a funny situation there. I was a little nervous, that he’d be upset, but it turned out he was super proud, and that was like a nice sense of affirmation, like you may be doing the right thing here, even though he told me to do it.


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Brock Holliman & I Discuss Navigating Market Turbulence:

  • Innovative Investment Models (6:15): We discuss Brock’s pivotal role in introducing build-to-rent projects and partnering with a hedge fund highlights the significance of innovative investment models in capitalizing on emerging market trends.
  • Navigating Market Uncertainties (10:15): Brock’s approach to scaling back in response to market uncertainties emphasizes the importance of enhancing operational efficiency and leveraging data analysis for informed decision-making during volatile market conditions.
  • Utilizing Market Data for Informed Decisions (13:47): Discussion on leveraging resources like HUD and Zillow for data analysis highlights the significance of utilizing market data to navigate challenges and make strategic investment decisions.
  • Exclusive Focus on Florida’s Real Estate Market (18:52): Brock’s exclusive focus on Florida’s real estate market and his insights into promising investment potential compared to historical trends in other regions emphasize the importance of market research and strategic geographical focus.
  • Competing with National Builders and Building on Infill Lots (21:57): Challenges of competing with national builders and the necessity of building on infill lots due to funding limitations highlight the importance of strategic positioning and resource optimization in real estate development.
  • Advantages of New Construction Build-to-Rent Properties (29:03): Discussion on the investment strategy of using new construction build-to-rent properties for long-term value appreciation emphasizes the advantages such as lower maintenance costs, higher tenant quality, and increased property value, highlighting the potential of innovative investment strategies in the real estate market.
  • Maintaining Quality Standards in Construction (35:08): Emphasis on maintaining high-quality standards in construction, resisting pressure to compromise quality for quantity, and leveraging technology for online property viewing underscores the importance of prioritizing quality and embracing technological advancements in real estate development.



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