How to Bill Your Tenants for Water Usage with Kelly Koontz


How to Bill Your Tenants for Water Usage with Kelly Koontz


Guest: Kelly Koontz, a seasoned expert in utility submetering solutions tailored for multifamily properties. With over two decades of experience at Submeter Solutions, Kelly has been at the forefront of revolutionizing utility management strategies, empowering property owners to maximize efficiency, enhance property value, and foster tenant accountability. In this episode, Kelly shares invaluable insights into the intricacies of utility submetering, its profound impact on property management practices, and practical strategies for seamless implementation.


Big Idea: At the heart of utility submetering lies a transformative approach to utility management for multifamily properties. By accurately measuring and allocating utility costs to individual tenants, property owners can unlock a myriad of benefits, ranging from significant cost recovery and increased property valuation to fostering a culture of responsible resource usage among tenants. Through the integration of modern metering technology and innovative billing methodologies, utility sub-metering not only optimizes operational efficiency but also empowers property owners to proactively manage utility expenses, mitigate financial risks, and elevate the overall tenant experience.




Dan: So Submeter Solutions Inc. Would you mind starting us off here with what your company does and what you’re focused on.

Kelly: Happy to do that, Submeter Solutions, we’ve been in business since about the year 2000 and our whole business niche is all about servicing multifamily or multi-unit properties that are getting a single utility charge at their building but the owners, managers want to figure out how to allocate those charges down to the tenant-resident level. So our business will be in the first part selling you the proper equipment and metering equipment to be able to meter each individual unit. Then our second part of our businesses we can offer monthly utility billing services for those residents on an ongoing basis. So excited to be here today Dan and talk through all the details about how we do that for multifamily owners.


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Kelly Koontz & I Discuss How to Bill Your Tenants for Water Usage:

  • Introduction & Financial Impact of Submeter Solutions – 1:01: Kelly delves into the core principles of utility submetering and its role in transforming multifamily property management practices.
  • Comparison of Billing Methods – 4:11: Contrasting traditional flat-rate billing, RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing System), and utility submetering, elucidating the advantages of metered billing for property owners and tenants alike.
  • Technical Implementation of Submetering Systems – 10:42: Providing comprehensive insights into the technical aspects of utility submetering, from metering equipment selection to connectivity solutions and data management strategies.
  • Utility Bill Integration with Rent – 20:59: Exploring lease structures and billing methodologies to prioritize utility payments alongside rent.
  • Ideal Clients and Property Types – 29:30: Identifying ideal clients, including self-managing landlords, property managers, and commercial property owners.
  • Alerts & Leak Detection – 40:00: The importance of leak detection, particularly in low-income and emergency housing, alongside active methods for instant alerts on flooding like frozen pipes, leading to significant property damage and renovation costs.
  • Insurance Premiums & Installation Costs – 45:10: Kelly discusses how insurance premium reductions are linked to active leak detection systems, the logistics and costs of installing sensors in multifamily units, and the growing regulatory and market demand for leak management solutions in water-scarce regions.



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