Avoiding Taxes Using 1031 Exchange Real Estate Investing


Guest: Dave Foster is a 25-year real estate veteran and coach who has used 1031 exchanges to increase his buying power while minimizing his tax obligations. He has a keen understanding of how to use this under-utilized tax provision to create wealth in real estate.


Big Idea: 1031 exchanges can be used to defer taxes and leverage capital when transitioning from one real estate investment to another. With the right strategy, investors can keep their own tax dollars working for them, creating more buying power and limiting their tax obligations. Dave Foster can show you how to unlock the benefits of 1031 exchange real estate investing.





Dan Breslin: Welcome to the REI Diamond Show. I’m your host, Dan Breslin, and this is episode 210 on 1031 Exchange Real Estate Investing to Avoid Taxes with Dave Foster. If you’re in building wealth through real estate investing, you are in the right place. My goal is to identify high-caliber real estate investors, and other industry service providers. Invite them on the show and then draw out the jewels of wisdom.

Those tactics, mindsets, and methods are used to create millions of dollars and more in the business of the real estate. Dave Foster is an expert in 1031 exchanges. Real estate investors who have mastered the use of 1031 exchanges avoid their investment gains from being taxed heavily at each transaction. The 1031 exchange allows investors to postpone paying income taxes on large real estate profits. This keeps your gains compounding over time, leading to more substantial wealth over time. Think Warren Buffet, who has been a master at Tax Advantage Investing.


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Dave Foster & I Discuss 1031 Exchange Real Estate Investing:

  • What are 1031 Exchanges

  • How to Use 1031 Exchanges

  • Trends and Strategies of 1031 Exchanges


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