Carl Worden is the founder of  Carl & I discuss how to avoid capital gains tax using a deferred sales trust on this real estate investment podcast.  There are several other ways of deferring capital gains tax including the 1031 exchange.  Real estate investors maximize their long term gains by using IRS Tax Code strategies to keep their entire seed capital growing.  This is true even when assets are sold.


Big Idea: Avoid Capital Gains by:
1031 or Like Kind Exchange:

  • Defer Tax on the Entire Gain
  • Real Estate Investor Tax Strategy
  • Short Deadline on Reinvesting Proceeds
  • Like Kind-Limits Asset Types

Deferred Sales Trust:

  • Avoid Capital Gains on Sale Proceeds
  • Real Estate Investor Tax Strategy
  • No Deadline on Reinvesting Proceeds
  • Works with ANY Appreciated Asset


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Carl & I Discuss How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax:

  • Legal Structure of the Deferred Sales Trust

  • Conservation Easement: How Donald Trump Avoids Tax

  • Sell any Highly Appreciated Asset and Defer Tax


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