Bob Bernotas on Building & Flipping Franchise Businesses for Huge Capital Gains


Bob Bernotas on Building & Flipping Franchise Businesses for Huge Capital Gains


Guest: Bob Bernotas boasts over three decades of immersion in the franchise industry, beginning his journey in 1986 when he opened his first West Coast Video franchise. Since then, he has owned multiple franchise concepts and units, with some achieving remarkable success. Bob’s experience extends beyond ownership; he has also served as the CEO of a national chain and transitioned into franchise consulting, guiding companies towards growth strategies. Over the last decade, Bob has exclusively focused on assisting franchisees in finding the perfect fit, securing financing, and navigating the complex path to successful franchise ownership. With a wealth of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the franchise landscape, Bob is a trusted advisor for investors seeking to explore the opportunities within this dynamic sector.

Big Idea: In the realm of franchising, timing is crucial, with successful brands quickly saturating markets and presenting lucrative investment opportunities. Semi-passive franchise models offer scalability and impressive returns, making them an attractive option for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios.




Dan: Nice. For the audience who does not know, they probably know from the title that we select… I’m sure that you’ll have to do with franchising businesses. Some of the listeners will remember some of our other past discussions around why real estate investors specifically might be interested in the franchise as an option to supplement to cash flow and things of that nature. Before we dive in and pull apart that piece of the topic, tell me, Bob, how did you arrive at your place in life now as a franchise consultant?

Bob: Oh, my goodness. I’ve been a franchise investor, owner operator since 1986. I’ve owned multiple franchise concepts and multiple units with each that I’ve built and sold over the years. Some with a great deal of success and some not with as much success. Also, was CEO of a national chain and I’ve been consulting, I guess for a couple decades now. Originally, I was consulting mostly on the franchise side, helping companies position for growth over the last 10, 12 years, have morphed exclusively onto the franchisee side, helping people or groups find the right franchise fit, help them acquire financing for that and help them move forward.

Dan: We were talking before the show started and I mentioned West Coast Video. I wonder if some of our listeners remember that place.

Bob: They’re going to need to be the older ones, but hey, everybody knows what happened in that industry. Not around anymore, but yeah, that was my foray into franchising. December of 1986, opened my first West Coast Video franchise on Wayne and Shelton Avenues in Germantown.

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Bob Bernotas & I Discuss Building & Flipping Franchise Businesses for Huge Capital Gains:

  • Importance of timing in franchise investment
  • Semi-passive franchise models and their scalability
  • Strategies for financing franchise investments
  • Vertical scaling through service-oriented franchise businesses


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