Dan & I Discuss

  • Why Doing More Deals is Not Always to Best Strategy

  • Getting Off the Webinar Cycle of “Shiny Object” Ideas

  • Closing Every Deal Instead of Wholesaling

  • Reasons NOT to Buy Rental Property

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Starting in Real Estate from a Stand Still

After starting in 2011 and being laid off from corporate America, Dan Clarton has built a successful multi-6 figure business buying and selling houses.  Dan is co-owner of Investors Title Services in the suburbs of Chicago with previous REI Diamonds Show guest Joe Mueller.  Dan started off wholesaling & doing lease options before finding his focus in doing what pays best-Property Acquisition (BUYING HOUSES).  In addition to wholesaling, Dan flips houses, holds rentals, and owns 150 ATM machines throughout the Chicagoland market.  At the time of recording, Dan was gearing up to do a 100-mile bike ride in North Carolina.


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