Lease Option – Rent to Own Real Estate Investing with Adam Zach


Guest: Adam Zach, is a seasoned real estate investor, with over a decade of experience in real estate. Adam brings a wealth of knowledge and shares his remarkable journey from humble beginnings in North Dakota to building a diverse portfolio spanning multiple states, highlighting the importance of leveraging unique advantages and taking calculated risks to achieve success in the dynamic world of real estate investment.


Big Idea: In the episode, Zach and I delved into the strategic approach to real estate investment and risk mitigation. Zach emphasized the significance of leveraging unique advantages and taking calculated risks to build a successful portfolio. From implementing innovative strategies like guarantor bond policies to minimize risk in rental processes to scaling real estate syndication through strategic partnerships and digital marketing, our discussions highlighted the importance of forward-thinking, disciplined decision-making, and adapting business models to evolving market conditions. Through his own journey and experiences, Zach underscored the critical role of strategic foresight, disciplined execution, and risk management in achieving long-term success in the dynamic world of real estate investment.




Adam: Yeah, I am in North Dakota, right now I’m in Fargo. I grew up in the western part of the state in a town of about 10,000 people. So now I moved to the quasi-big city here in Fargo, which is 100,000 people, which is pretty much one square mile around you. It’s probably about the same density spread out over 500 square miles here in North Dakota. I’ve been here my whole life and that’s where I first started doing investment properties and now have investment properties in 57 cities in 25 states, doing some long-distance investing, and just love everything real estate.

Daniel: Nice. I think from your bio, what’s it been like 13, or 14 years? It’s been a while since you’ve been doing this.

Adam: Yeah. The first property I ever owned was a house hack in 2012. Took a little bit of a hiatus, but didn’t start gearing up then until 2016, or 2017. The last five years were probably the greatest growth. So I’ve been doing real estate I could maybe stretch it and say a dozen years but since that was the first property. But I would say mostly it’s been the last seven years.

Daniel: Okay. You’ve been buying, let’s say in the last 36 months since 2021. You’ve bought a few properties in this period?

Adam: Yeah. So I would say in the last 36 months, we have bought, I don’t know the exact number in the last 36 months, but I would say probably 52 homes. We’re probably averaging at least one a month and now the goal for 2024 is one home under contract per week.


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Adam Zach & I Discuss Lease Option – Rent to Own Real Estate Investing:

  • Business Model Evolution: Transitioning from traditional rental properties to lease option models for sustainable cash flow and reduced turnover. (00:04:07)
  • Guarantor Bond Policies: Exploring how Guarantor policies work and their impact on tenant screening and security deposits. (00:13:29)
  • Syndication Funds: Exploring the structure and returns of syndication funds for investors, including preferred returns and profit splits. (00:23:00)
  • Tax Benefits and Depreciation: Adam elaborates on the tax advantages passed on to investors through syndication deals, including depreciation benefits. (00:30:35)
  • Chess as a Brain Development Tool: Adam reflects on the parallels between playing chess and developing strategic thinking, risk assessment, and delayed gratification from an early age.(00:39:51)
  • The Power of Partnerships: Insights into the benefits of strategic business partnerships in mitigating risks, sharing resources, and aligning interests for mutual success. (00:44:15)



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