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  • The BEST Source of Fix & Flip Deals
  • Vetting Contractors to Use for Flips
  • Funding Deals at 100% Acquisition & Rehab Costs
  • Structure of the Team Needed to Complete 100 Houses Per Year

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From 0 to 100 Fix & Flip Deals Per Year

Don Costa, of Fresno California, has built his business to flipping 100 houses per year.  Starting in the business back in 2003, Don rode the market up until 2008, then rode the market down until 2012, and then rode his business building skills and the market back up ever since.  He’s built a top notch team and constructed systems to help him grow along with “running his mouth”.  He’s going to tell you exactly how & why “running your mouth” might be the best way to build your real estate empire.


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