Dan & I Discuss

  • Step 1 in Scaling an Off Market Deal Investor Business

  • Huge “AH-HA” moment for me and Diamond Equity Investments

  • The Power in Automated Follow Up Systems

  • Best Ways to Follow Up with Sellers in 2018


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From Wholesaler to Software Developer

Dan Schwartz began his career in the Baltimore, Maryland region.  A newly minted marketing major, he sought out a partner with real estate knowledge and together they grew a volume wholesaling operations which eventually led to his next venture:  Founding Investorfuse.  Investorfuse is one of the leading CRM, or Customer Relationship Management systems available in the real estate investor marketplace.

Dan has a passion for helping the overwhelmed real estate entrepreneur work smarter and earn more by setting up effective systems. After launching InvestorFuse, a lead management workspace for real estate investing, he’s helped bring the power of automation to hundreds of happy investors and has built a strong community around the technology. When not working or investing, you’ll find Dan traveling, drumming, or helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses.


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