Episode: Virtual Wholesale Real Estate Investing with Brandon Barnes


Guest: Brandon Barnes focuses on virtual wholesale real estate investing in the Atlanta, Georgia market.  He does over $1 million per year in revenue.

Big Idea: “That’s a Real Estate Investor’s Superpower: Being Able to Comp Properties & Have a Feel for Purchase Price” Brandon mentions this “superpower” about half way into the interview.  He’s spot on.  The Real Estate Investor’s Superpower can be summed up in two main points. First you have to know how much to offer so that you get your offer accepted.   Second, you have to know how much you can sell the house for once you’re done renovation.  Or renting & refinancing if you’re planning to buy & hold.

Brandon believes in Offers Over Appointments.  In other words, he and his team would rather simply make offers over the phone than schedule face to face appointments.  This is obvious if you’re a virtual wholesaler, but most of us in real estate prefer seeing the property prior to making an offer.   You have to at least see photos before making an offer, right?  The answer may surprise you.  Check out the episode for full details.



Dan Breslin: Welcome to the REI Diamonds Show. I am your host, Dan Breslin, and this is episode 183 on Virtual Wholesale Real Estate Investing with Brandon Barnes. If you are into building wealth through real estate investing, you are in the right place. My goal is to identify high caliber real estate investors and other industry service providers. I invite them onto the show and then draw out the jewels of wisdom, those tactics, mindsets and methods used to create millions of dollars and more in the business of real estate.

Dan: Now, most real estate investors, including myself, prefer making offers after physically seeing the house. You go see the condition, underwrite the deal, figure out the values. They have to repair value and then make an offer. Today’s guest, Brandon Barnes, he used to do the same, but now, he prefers making all of his offers immediately over the phone without ever seeing the property or even seeing photos of the property. I mean, how does this work? Do we not need to know the condition of the house to make an offer or at a minimum, see the photos? These answers may surprise you.

Dan: All right. Welcome Brandon Barnes to the REI Diamonds Show. How are you doing today?

Brandon Barnes: Hey, I am well. Thank you for having me there.

Dan: Yeah, for sure. It has been much anticipated. Your name has been floating around the Atlanta Market where I do a lot of business for the past couple years here. I was highly excited to look forward to having you get on the show here once we started getting together with bookings. For those that may not know who Brandon Barnes already is, do you want to kind of give a little bit of a background for us, Brandon? Maybe how you began real estate investing and maybe even the details about your first deal if you could go back to that origination.

Brandon: Yeah, for sure. Look, I am here in the Atlanta area just like you mentioned. I started off my journey whole selling, specifically. I mean, that is just the art of finding off-market properties at a discount and kind of jumping to this game by chance, honestly. I gotten fired from a Corporate America job and I always thought I would climb the ladder and become an entrepreneur at some perfect opportunity, but I got fired. I reached out to a buddy that I knew from Pittsburgh when I was working for the HJ Heinz Company up there and I asked him what this real estate thing was all about.

Brandon: He said he had actually moved to Atlanta and was following a mentor program for wholesaling and I should come by and listen to it and this is a great opportunity to start a business. I was sold. Just a few months in the second month, I sent a thousand postcards and got my first contract. By month three, I had actually done my first deal for 15K and never looked back. I split that deal with them and kept on mailing. It was a great intro into the business.


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  • Making Offers Over the Phone

  • The Real Estate Investor Superpower

  • Disclosing the Profit Motive-Yes, I’m Going to Make Money


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