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Dan Kennedy & I at a Recent Event
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Issue #1
Letter from Dan

Welcome to the first edition of the REI Diamonds Newsletter.  In this section, the “Letter from
Dan,” I’m going to share with you, every month, some insights from my own real estate business.
I'm going to include things real estate related including examples of recent deal case studies &
real estate investing ideas (REI’deas section) along with some other NOT directly real estate
related items including mindset, marketing, & general business acumen.  

These insights are coming from my own experience & success in business along with observation
of other successful people.  My goal is to share with you the THINKING & ACTION that I take or
observe others take that produce a certain RESULT.  If you want a result that another person
has, you start first by observing that persons thinking and the second you begin copying their

If you have a question about the real estate business, or have a topic you’d like to hear more
about in a future issue, you can email me directly.  Sign up to receive my email address.

                                    “Be a Student of Success”

We’ve all heard this before, become a student of success.  When I first heard this I thought to
myself, “I am a student of success, I listen to Earl Nightingale & Zig Ziglar, therefore, I got this
covered.”  There was ONE major problem, I WAS PRETTY MUCH BROKE.

Then, by chance, I was given a book at a Real Estate Networking event co-authored by Jeremy
Ricci and Dan Kennedy called The Ultimate Success Secret.  Thank God for that chance
interaction when Jeremy personally gave me that book.  It sent me on a new trajectory to gain
knowledge on MANY skills involved with financial success including marketing, sales, positioning,
branding, & of course, TAKING ACTION.  

As I began implementing the things I was learning about marketing and the habits of successful
people, my income doubled.  And then it doubled again, and doubled once again.  In case you
didn’t already catch my drift, you might want to invest in that book!!

Success is not just limited to money.  In all areas of my life I strive to notice when someone is
doing something extraordinary and getting an extraordinary result.  If it is a result that I am looking
for in my life, I see if there is something they are doing that I can implement in my life.   

I recently hired a personal trainer.  I’ve been working out on a regular basis for more than 3 years
by myself and have seen some results.  But I look around the gym and see people with bodies in
MUCH BETTER shape than mine.  In short, they seemed to be more successful at working out
than I was.  So I hired someone infinitely more experienced and knowledgeable than I am in
regard to the human body.  Just 6 weeks later and my entire body has transformed along with my
eating habits.  And I thought I was healthy before!

In the case of my lifestyle and body, I decided I wanted a better result, so I found a trainer and
implemented his actions and suggestions into my daily life.  And I’m now starting to see and feel
the results.  I feel ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!

                                    “Multiple Offer Situation”
This week I had the pleasant surprise of being in another “multiple offer situation”.  A multiple
offer situation is when you are selling a property and you receive more than one offer to purchase
and are in the powerful position of choosing the best offer to accept.

We have been on the market with a rehabbed house for 90 days when we received the first offer-
laden with every inspection clause from a school for the blind.  At this point, being on market 90
days, we were MOTIVATED SELLERS ready to accept ANY OFFER.  Then a second offer came
in from a doctor moving in from out of town at a higher price than the first.

At this point we had three acceptable options:

1. We accept the doctor’s higher offer flat out.  No more negotiation, no risk of pissing them off
and losing their higher priced offer.  

2. We accept the school for the blind offer.  There’s no real logical reason to choose this option.  

3. We go  back to both parties and tell them to bring their “highest & best offer”.  There is some
risk of scaring buyers away by demanding “highest & best offer”, but we decided it was worth the

The doctor held strong with their initial offer while the school for the blind actually raised their
offer higher than the doctor’s, with one caveat-they wanted us to install central AC into the house
(post $40,000 rehab).  (
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