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  • Millionaire Strategies used in Today’s Market to Generate Massive Amounts Wealth by Investing in and/or Buying & Selling Real Estate?

Hey!  I’m Dan Breslin, and I’m the host of the REI Diamonds Show & President of Diamond Equity InvestmentsREP3-150818-216.  I’ve been flipping houses & contracts since 2006.   We buy houses in Philadelphia (PA), New Jersey, Chicago (IL), & Atlanta (GA). In 2020 we have bought and sold 242 houses.

I’m honored to host the REI Diamonds Show and have the privilege of bringing you the real estate investment industry‘s top minds through wide ranging conversations about all things real estate investing.  Get ready to make (& keep) more money!!

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All REI Diamonds Episodes with Resources & Links

How to Find Motivated Sellers with David Lecko

How to Raise Capital for Real Estate Deals Using Authority Marketing with Lyndsay Phillips

Investing in Real Estate Using an IRA with Jason DeBono

Flipping Land Remotely for HUGE Profits with Jack Bosch

Driving Huge-No Cost Traffic from Google with Kris Reid

Self Storage Redevelopment with Scott Krone

Why Suburban Office Buildings are a GREAT Investment with Brian Adams

Lead Conversion System for Direct to Seller RE Investors with Dan Schwartz

Financing Million Dollar Deals Post Covid with Anton Mattli

Investing in Your LIFE, Not Just Your Portfolio with David Blain

Avail the Free Property Management Platform with Laurence Jankelow

Scaling Your Business through A Players with Mike Matalone

How to Succeed in Business WITHOUT Sacrificing you Family, Health, or Life with David Finkel

How to Take HUGE Depreciation using Cost Segregation with Yonah Weiss

Leveraging Legal Counsel to Grow Your Business with Denice Gierach

Negotiating No Money Down Commercial Real Estate Deals with Peter Conti

Deferring Taxes on ANY Highly Appreciated Asset Sale with Brett Swarts

Growing a 1,000+ Unit Portfolio within a 20 min Radius with Jason Pero

Selecting the BEST Passive Multi-Family Real Estate Investments with Travis Watts

Being a Professional Passive Investor with Dr. Jeff Anzalone

From Corp America to Owning $42 Million in Multi-Family Real Estate with Agostino Pintus

Cryptocurrency & the Potential Shifts in the Real Estate Industry with Gary Gilgen

How to Make $100K or More Per Deal with Tucker Merrihew

Turn Key & BRRR-Key Rentals with Ali Boone

Making, then Losing $50 Million with Rod Khleif

Leverage to Larger Deals Using Family Office Wealth with Richard Wilson

Marketing, Meetups & $100 Million in Apartment Syndications with Adam Adams

Owning & Operating 4,500 Apartment Units with Mark Kenney

Economic Forecast for 2020 with Paul Sloate

Why Single Family is Better than Multi-Family for Building Wealth with Greg Rand

Litigation Finance-How to Fund a Million Dollar Lawsuit with Roni Elias

Get FREE ACH Payment Processing on Rentals with Eachan Fletcher

From House Hacking to $300 Million in Commercial Real Estate with Ivan Barratt

Benefits of Scaling to $350 Million in Self Storage with Kris Benson

Million Dollar Wholesaling & Multi-Family Apartments with Aaron Fragnito

Anna Barsky on Deferring Capital Gains

Lane Kawaoka on Scaling up to 2,600 Units

Ian Walsh on Why Your Offers are NOT Getting Accepted

Nick Prefontaine on Positioning Rent to Own Buyers

Ashley Micciche on Creating Your Business Continuity Plan Long Before it’s Necessary

Tom Shallcross on Building a Portfolio Lightening Fast

Sakar Kawle on Building a 200 Unit Portfolio in Baltimore

Chris Prefontaine on the Changes in Terms Deals in 2019

Brandon Schwab on Boutique Assisted Living Homes

Paul Sloate on 1st Quarter 2019 Economic Market Update

Hakeem Valles on Real Estate After the NFL

Zach Beach on Lease Options

Saul Z on Leveling Up in Real Estate

Dave Orloff on Financing Rentals & Fix & Flip Deals

Dan Breslin on Raising Private Money for Single Family Flips

Steve Werner on Where Have All the $50,000 Fix & Flip Deals Gone?

Mark Willis on How to Invest the Same Dollar Twice

Dan Breslin on How VIP Buyers & Agents Access Secret, Off Market Deals

Scott Shatford on How to Analyze the Airbnb Vacation Rental Market

Paul Sloate on 4th Quarter 2018 Economic Market Update

Matt Faircloth on Leveling Up to a 195 Unit Value-Add Apartment Deal

Ryan Wright on Funding Fix & Flip Deals

Matt Skinner on Multi Family & Multi Million Dollar New Const.

Dan Schwartz on Managing Off Market Investor Deal Flow

John Matheson on How to Access Commercial Credit

Russell Walker on $45K/Month Positive Cash Flow with Airbnb

Chris Shaxted on Lessons Learned from Building More than 10,000 Houses

Michael Quarles on Closing More than 1,000 Off Market Deals Across the U.S.

Joe Fairless on Scaling up to 3,500 Units

Noel Christopher on Capitalizing on the Consolidation Underway in Property Management

Reed Goossens on Raising $9.5 Million Dollars for a Multi Family Deal

Omar Khan on Investing in 100 Unit+ Multi Family Deals

Paul Sloate on 3rd Quarter 2018 Economic Market Update

Chris Prefontaine on $75,000 Average Profit Per Deal

Dan Clarton on Making More Money from Less Deals

Andrew Holmes on 850 Flips & 180 Rentals

Don Costa on Rehabbing & Selling 100 Houses Per Year

Matt Theriault on Transitioning Down to 100 Units

2018 Quarter 2 Market Update with Paul Sloate

Lane Kawaoka on Syndicating Capital for Apartment Complex Deals

Mark Podolsky on Investing in Raw Land

Aaron Lockhart on Doing Deals with Diamond Equity

Jim Zaspel on Hiring, Managing & Firing Contractors

Quarterly Market Update with Paul Sloate

November Monthly Market Update with Paul Sloate

October Monthly Market Update with Paul Sloate

Austin Stack on $1M in 14 Months

September Monthly Market Update with Paul Sloate

Grant Wise on Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

Ted Thomas on Tax Lien Investing

Todd Tresidder on Financial Free

Jefferson Lilly on Mobile Home Park Investing

Damion Lupo on Solo Self Directed Retirement Plans

July Monthly Market Update with Paul Sloate

Tyler Sheff on Buying Multi-Family Apartment Buildings

Jason Balin on Funding Flips in the 2017 Market

Aaron Hendon on Real Estate Blind Spots

June Monthly Market Update with Paul Sloate

Dan Breslin on Gentrification-Double Property Values

Kevin Bupp on Mobile Home Park Investing

May Monthly Market Update with Paul Sloate

April Monthly Market Update with Paul Sloate

Mark Walker on Graduating from the Rat Race to Multi-Family Investment Deals

Mike Shapiro on Transforming a Southern California Real Estate Brokerage

March Monthly Market Update with Paul Sloate

Tod Holland on How to Advertise for Sellers with Facebook

Carl Fischer on Private Lending & Tax Free Real Estate Investing

Nathan Krauthamer on Scaling Up to Commercial Deals

February Monthly Market Update with Paul Sloate

MC Laubscher on Using the Infinite Banking Strategy to Boost Investment Gains

Jim Huntzicker on Buying REAL DEALS through the MLS

Matty A on Flipping 30 Houses Per Year

January Monthly Market Update with Paul Sloate

Robert Gilstrap on Subject-to Investor Deals & Property Management

Austin Stack on Being Drafted onto the Diamond Equity Team

Dan Zitofsky on Passively Investing in Emerging Markets

Mark Skowron on Outsourcing Your Wholesale Real Estate Business

November Monthly Market Update with Paul Sloate

Peter Pasternack on Real Estate Investing AFTER Starring on A & E’s Flip this House”

Linda Liberatore on Outsourcing MOST of Your Property Management

Kirby Atwell on Real Estate Investing through Veteran Housing

October Monthly Market Update with Paul Sloate

Russell Walker on Funding Deals Using NONE of Your Own Cash. (NOT Private Money Either)

Donna Spina on Hiring & Retaining in the Real Estate Business

Josh Inglis on Building New Construction & Selecting Rentals on Chicago’s South Side

Joe Mueller, REO Broker & Investor on Picking the BEST Deals for Your Portfolio

Mark Filler on How to Fund a Growing Fix & Flip or Rental Real Estate Investment Business

George Beatty and an Inside Look at Doing Deals with Diamond Equity

Adam Doran on Cold Call Mastery for Sellers, JV Partners, & Private Lenders

David Krulac on Creating HUGE Value through Subdividing Residential Acreage

Abhi Golhar on Attracting Off Market Deals & Scaling to Larger New Construction Tract Developments in Atlanta Georgia

June Monthly Market Update with Paul Sloate

Dave Lindahl on Multi-Family Investing in Emerging Markets

Kathy Fettke on Market Cycles, Private Lending, & Land Development

Michael Freedman on Verifying, Reducing, or Even Eliminating Flood Zone Designations on All Kinds of Real Estate

Phil Falcone on How to Become Rich in Commercial Real Estate

May Monthly Market Update with Paul Sloate

Jim Zaspel on Growing Your Real Estate Business from a Hobby to a Massively Productive & Profitable Business

Bearj Jehanian on How to Break Down the Wall to Your Success Zone

Peter Vekselman on High Volume Investing & Retail Brokerage

Matthew Lesko on Researching Government Grants

April Mid-Month Market Update with Paul Sloate

Rick Thompson on Building Green, High Performance New Construction

Engelo Rumora on Building a Multi-Million Dollar Turn Key Rental Business

Dan Breslin “8 Jewels of Wisdom from 400 Deals”

Larry Steinhouse on Buying Houses with NO Money or Credit & Finding Deals Using Real Estate Agents

Jeremy Ricci on Tax-Free Wholesaling, Subject-to & Owner Financing Deals

March Mid-Month Market Update with Paul Sloate

Sue Hough on Properly Planning Profitable Renovation Projects

Jon Potter and George Beatty Discuss Promoting Home Ownership by Investing in Real Estate

David Postolski on Crowd Funding Real Estate Deals

Matt Faircloth on Finding, Funding, & Executing Real Estate Investment Projects

February Mid-Month Market Update with Paul Sloate

Jack Barry on Building & Managing an Effective & Profitable Real Estate Brokerage Team

John Cohen on Real Estate Financial Planning & Large Multifamily Properties

Mark Ainley on Pulling Back the Curtain of a High Volume Turn Key Rental Business

Jonathan Potter on Transitioning from Wholesaling to Buying Houses

Steve Budzik on High Volume & High Dollar House Flipping & Boutique Brokerage

Paul SloateForecasting the State of the Real Estate Market for 2016

Joe Mueller on REO Brokerage, Turn Key Rentals, & Buying Houses through Non-Performing Notes (NPN’s)

George Beatty on High Volume Wholesaling-Wholesale Masters Series #1

Jay Hinrichs on New Construction, NEW Hard Money Lending & Turn Key Rentals

Brian Meara on How to Wholesale Short Sales in the New Economy

Tom Olson on Turn Key Rentals, Construction, & High Volume Wholesaling

Jason Centeno on Wholesaling, Unique Marketing, & Managing Virtual Assistants all While Still Holding Down a Job!!

Joe Fairless on Buying Multi-Family Apartment Complexes in Emerging Markets

Adura Sanya on Finding, Negotiating, & Closing Off-Market Deals No One Knows About

Russell Walker on Buying, Fixing, & Wholesaling Houses

Ian Walsh on How to Evaluate Comps

Lou Screnci on Building New Construction

Ori Feibush on New Construction & Active Revitalization

Mike McLean, Author of Section 8 Bible, on Section 8 Rentals

Bart Banks, of Banks & Banks Law on Office Space, Mini-Malls, Single Family House Investing

Carl Fischer on Self-Directed IRA Investing-in Real Estate

Frank Montro on Closing 300 Deals Per Year

Josh Weidman on Turn Key Rentals

Jim Zaspel on Flipping a Large Volume of Single Family Houses

Dave Van Horn on Managing More than $500 Million Dollars of Mortgage/Note Investments

Jason Buzi on Flipping Million Dollars Houses & Contracts in San Francisco

Ian Walsh on Leveraging Your Business with Hard Money

Kirby Atwell on Founding a Luxury Home Investment Company

Andy Shamberg on Real Estate Investors Property Insurance

Bill Kratz on Flat Fee Listings for Real Estate Investors-Fire Your Agent!!

Joe Neilson on How to Build a $24,000 Per Month NET Positive Cash Flow at Lightening Speed

Aaron Lockhart on Becoming a Wholesalers VIP Buyer-Receiving a call BEFORE the Email Blast of the Hottest Deals

Justin Turner on How to Do $10 Million Dollar Redevelopment Deals

Bill Becker on International Resort Development, Office Investments & Just Getting Started

George Beatty on How to Generate $4,000 Per Month from a 3 Bed, $1,100 Per Month Rental

Matt Einheber on the Title Process-Specifically for Wholesalers in the Pennsylvania Market

Josh Hertz on Wholesaling, Fixing & Flipping Houses in Philadelphia

Bob Morales & Josh Buchter on Building Business Credit & Credit Repair

Steve Clutch on Virtual Wholesaling & Lease Options

Mitch Ripkin on “Soft” Hard Money

Howard Greenberg on Agents Working with Investors & Wholesalers

Jon Potter on Dealing Directly with Sellers

Joe Scorese on How to Finance Large Rental Portfolios