Wholesale Masters Series #3 Jonathan Potter on Transitioning from Wholesaling to Buying Houses

Wholesaling to Buying Houses

Jonathan Potter & Dan Breslin Discuss:

  • Funding Your Own Deals with Private Money
  • Building a Valuable & Powerful Network for Success
  • Challenges with Construction

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Contact at 267-585-2911

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Have You Transitioned from Wholesaling to Buying Houses? What was the Biggest Challenge for You in Making the Shift?

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Wholesale Masters Series #1 – George on High Volume Wholesaling

High Volume Wholesaling

George & Dan Discuss:

  • George’s Seller Negotiation Secrets for Closing Deals
  • The 3 Month, $60,000 Challenge
  • How Wholesalers in the Philadelphia Market can Work with George

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Contact at 215-450-0987


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